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September 23, 2007 by straniera
I'm the child who hated group assignments in school. I never felt like I could depend on other people. This is part of my personality and usually a flaw since I seem to think I am the only one who can do things "right." Sometimes people are dependable if you will just give them a chance. Sometimes they aren't...

This past week I began teaching 5th grade Language Arts. My homeroom class was made up from students from five other classes. I also team teach with another teacher. So I am responsib...
September 11, 2007 by straniera
Sure is depressing around here today....maybe I'll wander over to the humor forum to see if there is anything to make me smile...

Here's a pick that might make you smile
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September 8, 2007 by straniera
Small boobs, love handles, wide thighs...big mouth, need for approval, selfishness...the list goes on and on...

2 of my 12 articles are about my insecurity with my own body. Pretty sad. I don't really think about it most of the time, but every once in awhile the nasty though pops back up. Why do we have to constantly compare ourselves?!? Somedays I find myself thinking "I'm so glad I don't look like her" and other days "I really wish I looked like her!" Why can't I just be happy with who I am...
September 5, 2007 by straniera
I am not very well endowed.

When I was little I remember playing dress up and I would stuff my dresses to look like a woman. My mom told me, "Don't worry, you'll get some soon enough."

I'm still waiting.

I have something. I don't have unboobs. But after the initial sprout, there hasn't been much growth.

For awhile I pretended I was a B cup, but finally decided to be realistic and buy my appropriate size. Did you know that some styles of bras don't even come in A???

My SIL says I...
August 12, 2007 by straniera

5.Psychiatry. a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason. Compare CLINICAL DEPRESSION.

Clinical Depression

Psychiatry. a depression so severe as to be considered abnormal, either because of no obvious environmental causes, or because the reaction to unfortunate life circumstances is more intense or prolonged than would generally be expected.

I have been asked r...
August 11, 2007 by straniera
For those who believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, there is no doubt that homosexuality is a sin.
But where do we get off thinking that it is the unforgivable sin?? If you read carefully, there are a lot of other things listed as just as horrible: lying, breaking a promise, being greedy, cheating, and speaking falsely about others. How many of us can claim we’ve never done any of those??

Heaven forbid that the church be associated with sinners!
August 9, 2007 by straniera
About a month ago our printer broke. The power light and the color copy button just kept blinking and it wouldn’t let me print or copy. My brother, who is great with computers and works tech support, was here so he tried to give me a hand. He was stumped so he helped me go online to seek support from the HP website.

We were pleased to discover that they have an online chat feature. I know some about computers and my brother was there so I was sure we could effectively communicate the probl...
August 3, 2007 by straniera
I'm going away for the weekend. (Don't have any cool discussions while I'm gone!) I'm going to a little family get together, but my husband isn't going with me. As I've mentioned before we aren't separated very much. To see us today you would think that we were going to be apart for a long time, but really it will only be two days. Still...I'm going to miss him!

He has been so cute today, worrying about me and reminding me lots of times to be careful. He filled the car with gas, vacuumed it, ...
August 2, 2007 by straniera
The gardeners were here today. I heard them outside while I was on the phone trying to listen very carefully to someone for whom English was obviously a second language. One of the things that attracted us to this particular apartment complex is the fact that it is so nicely landscaped and green (they water every night). It just makes me smile every time I come out my door.

Well, I didn’t smile today. First of all, as I came down my staircase there was a pile of branches right at the bottom....
August 2, 2007 by straniera
I love writing.
I’m not new to it. I used to write stories (only finished one) and lots of poems. I was published in my high school literary magazine. But, that was about the end of it. When I went to college, I didn’t have time to write for myself.

Every once in awhile I get bursts of creative juices. JoeUser has given me a chance to have yet another one. I haven’t posted much yet, but I have received a very warm welcome.

4 articles. 5-10 comments on each one. I feel that’s pretty dece...
August 2, 2007 by straniera
So far I have loved being part of JU! I have learned so much. Seriously. I have learned about politics and personal relations, religion and lots of other things. I know way more about current events too since joining JU. I hate watching the news because it usually makes me sick or depressed. On JU I can choose what stuff I want to know about. Yea!

Another positive side effect is that it has edged me back toward creative writing. Maybe blogging doesn’t really count as creative writing, but at ...
July 30, 2007 by straniera
So far I have been really impressed with the way most people on here are able to respectfully disagree. I appreciate that. One of the reasons I joined was my concern that perhaps Christians were cast too often as closed minded. I am not a super thinker (I have my husband for that), but I have come a long way in my Christianity and am sickened by the way “we” are so misrepresented in the media. (I say we because you really can’t lump all Christians together, even those from the same denomination,...
July 29, 2007 by straniera
My husband and I own one lap top. That’s it. We don’t have a desktop, in fact never have. One, single lap top. It hasn’t always been this way, but circumstances changed…now we have to share!! Oh the horror!

We are usually very courteous about it. Obviously work or school trumps playing around.

“I need to finish my paper for class tomorrow sweetheart.”
“Oh, well by all means, please have the computer. I’ll just go clean something.”

“I really wanted to make up a worksheet for my lesson....
July 28, 2007 by straniera
I want to be beautiful
And make you stand in awe
Look inside my heart
And be amazed
I want to hear you say
Who I am is quite enough
I just want to be worthy of love
And beautiful
~Bethany Dillon, “Beautiful”

“But no matter how much I asserted my strength and independence as a woman,
My heart as a woman remained empty…
I didn’t want to be a man.
What does it mean to be a woman?”
~Stasi Eldredge

“I feel like a household appliance”

“The church has not been a big help here. The ...
July 23, 2007 by straniera
I have been covertly reading on joeuser for more than a year now. There is alot of interesting stuff written and I love looking at all the different perspectives people have.

Unfortunately there is alot of crap written as well. It's sad and sickening to watch mature adults get so caught up in being a**holes to each other that they can't have an intelligent conversation. I believe I am finally to a point in my life that I could contribute something and hopefully strong enough not to get suck...