and put me in a bad situation
Published on September 23, 2007 By straniera In Work
I'm the child who hated group assignments in school. I never felt like I could depend on other people. This is part of my personality and usually a flaw since I seem to think I am the only one who can do things "right." Sometimes people are dependable if you will just give them a chance. Sometimes they aren't...

This past week I began teaching 5th grade Language Arts. My homeroom class was made up from students from five other classes. I also team teach with another teacher. So I am responsible for the Language Arts grades for two classes. However, I only had the kids three days before progress reports were due. I was instructed to get grades from their previous teachers. They were also told to give me said grades. This week I sent out at least two different emails asking for grades. One teacher gave me a copy of her grade book. Another teacher handed me a stack of papers. The teacher who I am teaming with, who has actually been the most helpful in other areas, had not given me anything by Friday. She assured me that she would be sending me the grades by email on Saturday.

Saturday morning I worked on entering grades. The teacher who had copied her grade book had not properly labeled each assignment and so I had to guess which was which. As I went through the stack of papers from the other teacher, I discovered that half of them were marked "incomplete" or "redo" - grades which can not be recorded for a report card. I entered what I had, but still did not have anything from my team teacher. I talked with her Saturday afternoon and she encouraged me to just make sure each student had a least one grade for every subject and that she would be sending me her grades that evening.

I didn't receive anything before going to bed last night. I sent her a nice email requesting that she send me the grades by 2 on Sunday so I could get them in before an activity I had scheduled at 5.

2:00 - no grades
2:30 - no grades
3:00 - call her house and leave a message
3:30 - call her cell and leave a message
4:00 - call her husband's cell and leave a message
4:15 - call my principal and leave a message
4:45 It is time to leave for our appointment and still no grades
5:00 My husband leaves without me.
5:10 She calls

Her computer wasn't working and she had to hunt down one she could borrow. I have to admit that is a valid excuse beyond her control. So I guess I forgive her. But it is still frustrating that I worked very hard to plan out my time so that I got everything done and was still able to make all my appointments, only to be delayed by someone else...ARGH!

on Sep 23, 2007
Umm, could she have not at least given you the courtesy of calling and explaining the situation BEFOREHAND? It was really irresponsible and inconsiderate of her.

I am really sorry that happened to you.
on Sep 24, 2007

Sorry for the problems.  I like the idea of team teaching, but as you point out, there are pit falls.

Did you know that Inbloom is also doing team teaching on the 5th grade (I think, it might be 4th) level?